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Keep History Alive

SoCal WACs is a part of a non-profit organization and runs solely on donations from generous history-lovers like you! To donate directly to our non-profit, follow the button to the HUSC. Some of our members have also set up a private campaign so that they may personally donate sorely-needed equipment to SoCal WACs! If you like who we are and what we do, consider supporting our mission. Every little bit helps!


Some of our unit members have taken it upon themselves to use their talents to raise money to donate equipment to the unit! Check out the merchandise they've put together and learn about what sort of equipment the unit could use!


Our parent nonprofit holds our same interest in preserving history for future generations. The HUSC portrays multiple aspects of the US military during the second world war, consider donating to the Historical Units of Southern California.


What exactly do we plan on doing with your donation? We definitely need equipment and gear to enhance our educational displays. Monetary donations are always appreciated but we would even be interested in items from our wishlist!

  • New tent - SUCCESS!

    • Our old one was borrowed, old, tattered, and falling apart around our ears. Thanks to you, we've managed to buy a full pyramidal tent that's perfect for our display! Thank you so much for all your help!​

  • Switchboard - SUCCESS!

    • Thanks to you, we've managed to refurbish an original Army BD-71 switchboard to working condition. Thank you so much for all your help!​

  • Communication equipment

    • We tend to focus a lot on the communications aspect of WAC work, we find things like working field phones, typewriters, and morse code machines to be an excellent tool to teach children about the days before cell phones!

  • Camp Amenities

    • Some of the most used and abused equipment of all, period tables and chairs are especially needed for events where we're on our feet all day. We also have our eyes set on a generator for lighting, heating, and other interactive activities.

  • Travel Budget

    • Whenever we have the opportunity to travel and reenact, we'll take it! Fundraising for a travel budget makes these educational excursions more accessible to all of our members who pay for this hobby with their own time and money.

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