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SoCal WACs, also known as Charlie Company, is an all--female living history unit dedicated to portraying the Women Army Corps of World War II. Based out of Southern California, the women of Charlie Co. volunteer their time to educate the public who may otherwise have limited knowledge of women in the armed forces during the 1940s. From restoring historic sites to educational displays, Charlie Co. has a passion for preserving history and making sure the women of the past are more than a black and white photograph.


1st WAC Separate Battalion is the premiere Women’s Army Corps Reenacting group in the US, dedicated to accurately representing the contributions made by members of the WAC during WWII. Charlie Company is only one of several units within the organization which includes Headquarters Company (Ohio), Able Company (Virginia), Baker Company (North Carolina), Dog Company (Georgia), Easy Company (UK), Fox Company (Colorado) and Signal Service Command.





The HUSC is the nonprofit organization under which Charlie Company operates. The purpose and mission of the Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC) is to promote an understanding and appreciation for the men and women of the Armed Forces during the 20th century through training, battle re-enactments, historical research, education, public displays, and other related activities. Other WWII living history units of the HUSC include 2nd Marine Division, 9th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, 116th PanzerGrenadier,  and the 128th Field Hospital.


Q. Are you a part of the military?

A. Most of our members are not currently a part of the military, we are instead living historians with a passion for women in the service. However, there are several members who are either prior service or currently serving.

Q. Where are you guys located?

A. Most of our members are based out of the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA area and we tend to stick to events in Southern California. As much as we'd like to attend out-of-state events, that sort of travel is not within our scope at the moment.

Q. Is this your job?

A. Reenacting is purely a hobby for us, the time and money we spend on events, equipment, and uniforms comes straight out of our members pockets. Believe it or not, we all have regular day jobs!

Q. Where do you find your uniforms?

A. Militaria hunting is a hobby unto itself. When original items are not available, there are many historical reproduction companies that can suit your needs.

Q. What's the difference between WAAC and WAC?

A. WAAC stands for Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, which is what the Corps was called up until 1943 when the Auxiliary status was dropped and they simply became the Women's Army Corps.

Q. Are you guys nurses?

A. The WAC was a completely separate organization from the Army Nurse Corps. The WAC's purpose was to free men to fight, and while medical duties were within the realm of available occupations for the Corps, WAC jobs expanded far beyond that.

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