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SoCal WACs is always welcoming new members! If you share a love of history, want to make friends, meet new people, and preserve history in the community, Company C wants you! Our members volunteer their personal time and invest their own money into telling the stories of veterans who, within our lifetimes, will be unable to tell them themselves. This is why we reenact.

We are a family! It is important that we have fun together and enjoy what we do. But just as importantly we must remember that we play an integral role in honoring the memory of the Greatest Generation. If you love history and want to meet like-minded people, this is the place to be! Interested in joining? Contact us so that we can set up a training day for you to meet the team before you jump in head first!


Requirements to Join

Charlie Company abides by all Federal, State, and local laws, including regulations and ordinances as well as all rules set forth by the Historical Unit of Southern California. The unit handbook has a complete list of organization rules, and is distributed upon joining. Below is a quick reference guide to what is required to join the SoCal WACs.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Pay the annual HUSC fee & attend orientation
  • Acquire the basic unit impression (see below)
  • Must attend at least one HUSC event a year

Interested members are asked to please contact us via email or Facebook to schedule a time to sit in on one of our six yearly unit training days.

No bad impressions

no bad attitudes


We'll be honest, reenacting - especially for female impressions - it isn't exactly a cheap hobby! We know that everyone has a budget, which is why we understand that our uniforms are in a constant state of improvement. We pride ourselves in learning about equipment and uniforms to the smallest of details, and being accurate makes a difference!

Our Basic Impression, the "Class B" Enlisted uniform seen here, is a relatively easy impression to begin with, is versatile, and can be built upon to the "Class A" Enlisted uniform (which we would like our members to strive for). We take pride in the uniform we wear, and when we have the opportunity to upgrade our equipment we do. Your fellow unit members are here to help you too! The Class B uniform is required to be a member of the unit, further impressions and equipment are optional. Be sure you understand the difference between an Officer and Enlisted uniform!

Below are several items that are staples to the American GI in World War 2, and are also key requirements of your living history impression.

Your detailed impression guide will be provided at your first training day.


WWII Canteen & Cup


WWII Mess Kit & Utensils


WWII Dog tags & Chain

3 cups


3 cups


1 cup


2 tsp.


Class B Uniform

Uniform & Appearance


With optional impressions, you can get as involved as you'd like! The possibilities are endless, and there's a uniform for every occasion from wool overcoats and gloves for the winter to cotton khakis for the summer. Depending on the events you attend most, you can build your footlocker to your needs. To learn more info about the WAC wardrobe, visit Blitzkrieg Baby.

Excellent for the hot summer months, the khaki uniform is a sharp addition to your reenacting wardrobe.


Worn in ETO, this uniform is practical and comfortable when the unit needs to rough it in the field.

Field Wools
Field Wools

The herringbone & twill uniform is excellent for when the unit volunteers for rough work like cleaning, painting, fixing, etc.



How you look matters! This was a time where the WAC had to balance femininity with practicality. The best way to cultivate your appearance is by looking at old photographs of real WACs and studying real 1940s techniques and tips. Our goal is to not only look GI, but to look period appropriate!

  • Hair must be off the collar and in 40s fashion
    • Must be done tastefully, avoid modern pinup styles.​ You will typically be wearing head cover, so large rolls will be inappropriate.

  • Hair must be a natural color 
    • Unnatural hair colors are not GI, undercuts must be hidden.

  • No jewelry or hair accessories
    • Wedding bands permitted.

  • Tasteful makeup
    • Light powder, rouge, mascara, and lipstick at most.​

  • Visible tattoos covered




Modern "farby" items (ie. cell phones, modern purses, plastic bags, modern sleeping bags, modern cosmetics, etc) should be stowed away and out of sight at all times. It is even highly suggested members look into period glasses or contact lenses! The less modern items you have to hide the better, and converting your packing list to WWII appropriate items can make your reenacting experience feel more authentic. For example, consider swapping out your sleepover bag to a WWII Army laundry bag, or using 1940s reproduction toiletries. That way, if you accidentally leave out your toothbrush, at least it will be period appropriate instead of neon pink! WWII sleeping bags are surprisingly comfortable too.


If you plan on attending overnight events, you are required to be self sustaining like any good soldier! It is a good idea to invest in a WWII shelter half (including tent stakes, rope, and poles; If each person has a half, two people can share whole shelter) for yourself, as well as an Army wool blanket and a WWII sleeping bag. Bringing only essentials will also make your trips easier to manage. Be sure to put together a packing list well in advance to be sure you're not forgetting anything. 


If you have dietary requirements be sure to plan for food for yourself as it cannot be guaranteed that your needs can be met at events.


The best way to learn more about the WACs is to put yourself in their shoes! Part of educating the public means we need to educate ourselves, and Charlie Co. does that by trying to fully immerse ourselves into WWII. We practice 1940s army drills, abide by WWII manuals, eat from mess tins, drink from canteens, practice saluting courtesy, sleep in pup tents, and march in formation. Little things like saluting an officer gives our displays an added sense of realism.


While at events it is expected that our members engage with and educate the public. Don't worry if you're shy, we'll help you! Be sure that you have at least basic knowledge about the WAC so that you may appropriately share their history. If you are not familiar with parts of the display, ask your fellow WACs.


We are far from being in the actual army! You are by all means not required to partake in activities should you have medical needs, but be aware that some events may take place in extreme heat or in other imperfect climates. Our unit has a designated safety officer who's sole job is to make sure everyone is in good health, which means members must remember to stay hydrated and well-rested - it would be very wise to hydrate yourself in the days leading up to an event.

Be sure to report any significant medical conditions to your unit leader, so that we can be better prepared to accommodate your needs.

While our unit does not handle firearms, we are around them constantly. Our unit members must learn and practice basic firearm safety at all times, there are no exceptions.


Most importantly, remember that when you are in uniform you represent not only your unit, not only the HUSC, but also the hundreds of real WACs who served their country so many years ago. Your behavior should reflect that. Be kind, be courteous, and be respectful to the public and other reenactors. Failure to follow HUSC codes of conduct will result in expulsion from the organization. That means no underage drinking and no drugs. As a non-profit organization, the HUSC is also non-political. Members should not engage in modern politics at events and in uniform, and most certainly cannot use the organization to push any political agenda.

It is very important for us to have fun with each other, but it is more important that we stay safe and act with respect.


Think you have what it takes?


Contact us to set up an orientation! You will be invited to our Training Day; unit meetings that are hosted every other month. You will be able to meet the girls, ask questions and see what we're all about to make sure that we are the right fit for you!

Thousands of Army jobs need filling. Join the WAC!

Thank you! A recruiter will contact you shortly!

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